Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

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Getting married is an exciting time for you, unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the ‘b’ word…….. Budget!!
Every couple will have one. Be realistic about what you can achieve on your budget, speak with your florist so that they can best advise you.

If your budget is tight but you like specific blooms then maybe just have them in your bouquet and top table and use substitutes in other areas.

Some rose varieties are very expensive in wedding season but there are hundreds of other varieties to choose from, so don’t worry there will be a similar less expensive one for you.

Remember flowers are living things and colours vary slightly. Also ask your florist which flowers are happy to be out of water for any length of time. Some that are in magazines are not really very practical as they are done only for the photo shoot and will be drooping probably even before the ceremony!!!

If you choose flowers that are in season this will keep down the cost.

Be budget clever…. For example use your ceremony arrangement for your top table too. Have pew end flowers on every other row or alternate with organza bows, or line the aisle with pots of either flowers of plants and reuse at the reception or give away as thank you gifts.

Hand tied bouquets are generally the cheaper option as shower bouquets take more flowers and more time!!

Seasonal flower guide
Listed below are a few seasonal flowers
Tulips, Ranunculus, Muscari, Narcissi, Hyacinth

Garden roses, Delphiniums, Stocks, Scabiosa, Ammi, Mint

Hydrangea, Dahlia, Roses, Poppy heads, Autumn foliage.

Amaryllis, Roses, Eryringium, Hypericum berries, Eucalyptus and other winter foliage.

Do’s and Dont’s

DO be honest about your budget as your florist is able to then give you the best advise.

DO try and go with a florist that has been recommended to you.

DON’T leave it too long before booking your florist as most good florists only take on one wedding per day so that they can devote more time to your special day.

DON’T be too set on specific blooms (have a back up) as sometimes what you like may be out of season.

DON’T expect your florist to be able to read your mind, give as much information as possible ie pictures, swatches etc so that they fully understand your requirements.

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