Some Tips When Shopping For Flowers

On June 30, 2017, Posted by , in Flowers

A few things florists should tell you!

Of course you can order your flowers at 3am from a relay ie Interflora, eFlorist but did you know that they charge you for this privilege and then contact us to do your order? Check out our online shop.

Yes, your flowers look beautiful in the window but direct sunlight will kill them within a couple of days.

The trick to make your flowers last, cut the stems on an angle and change the water every other day and use the food we give you not copper pennies!!

Run out of flower food? Try this: 1/4 7up 3/4 water and a couple of drops of bleach.

Don’t forget to wash your vase with soap when you change the water otherwise bacteria cloning to the sides contaminated the fresh water.

How fresh is your rose? Look closely at the bottom of the blossom, the more ripped petals the older the blossom.

Many flowers today don’t have much scent as growers are breeding for long straight stems and lengthy vase life instead.

We didn’t choose February, if it was up to us Valentine’s would be in summer when roses are in season.

You can buy cheaper flowers at the petrol station etc but they will droop and loose petals the next day as they probably were cut weeks ago and held in cold storage.

Fruit is flowers enemy!! It emits ethylene gas so even in a separate bowl a few inches away is a flower killer!!!

Believe it or not weddings are not that profitable for most of us – this is primarily due to labour costs – we bank on your future business.

Do you like a freezing cold bath? Well neither do flowers!!

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